Lifestyle & private concierge

Our Lifestyle Managers at The Concierge ensures perfect organisation and execution of your requests.

Last minute or early bird: we switch quickly and ensure a smooth communication.

From request to realisation in one click

Lifestyle Management and concierge services mainly involve taking care of your life at a discreet and high level.

The range of services for which Lifestyle Managers are responsible is extremely colourful and diverse. From chauffeur services to booking your hotel or restaurant, from a balloon flight to organising a confirmation party or a corporate event, The Concierge’s services adapt to your needs and help you create time for what really counts.

Without a subscription, you enjoy complete freedom

Every client has an online dashboard containing transparent communication towards budget, planning and projects.

Your electronic wallet allows you to upload the amount of your choice. Services and reservations are paid and invoiced from there. Just like you are already used to do with other prepaid services.

A uniquely developed system for our clients that makes their lives easier and provides an honest overview of applications and services, and this anytime and anywhere.